Benefits of Living in Norwalk

The suburban lifestyle you were looking for!

Norwalk is the number one place to live in, with many things that will make you fall in love with living here! If you are looking for the perfect balance of a city lifestyle and a quiet and calm environment, then Norwalk is the place to be. Ranging from exciting and trendy areas like SoNo to cozy areas like East Norwalk by the beach, Norwalk has it all! Living here will always grant you the flexibility to choose what atmosphere you want to live in.

Living here you have easy access to major cities such as New Haven, New York City, Greenwich, and Stamford without having the burden of paying for their expensive housing. That means moving to Norwalk opens up endless job opportunities whether you are going north or going south, all while also providing that flexible lifestyle!

Things to do in Norwalk

Attractions, Dining, Beaches, and more!

There are plenty of reasons to move to Norwalk, but here is a short list:


  • Cranbury Park: This beautiful park is the best place to go for long walks, have a picnic, or play outdoor games! You can walk on their trails into the woods, on the circular path that surrounds an open field, or enjoy the picnic tables to have a lunch out. Regardless of what your plans are this park is perfect for all of those plans! Not only is it great for outdoor activities, but you can also host an incredible wedding in the nearby mansion. For directions click here (This park is also pet friendly).
  • Veterans Park is a historic park where many people love going to either do outdoor sports, see the beautiful sculptures, or attend large yearly events. This park hosts incredible events throughout the year like the Oyster Festival, Memorial Day Parades, and much more! This park is also conveniently close to other hot spots in Norwalk such as the beach, SoNo, and the aquarium. For more information click here.

Maritime Aquarium

  • One of Norwalk’s most iconic attractions is the Maritime Aquarium. This place is the home of many incredible animals such as seals, manatees, sharks, and more! People of all ages will love coming here. Whether it’s for a birthday, date, or just to experience wildlife up close, there is no doubt you will have a great time here. For more information click here.


  • Miss the city life a bit? Want delicious food? Need a night out? Well, Norwalk has you covered with SoNo. This part of Norwalk is a great place to take anyone out; it has amazing food, is an aesthetically pleasing area, and gives you that nightlife you might be craving.

Calf Pasture Beach

  • One of the major benefits of living in Norwalk is the easy access to a beautiful beach. During those hot summer days, you can cool off on the beach, enjoy relaxing picnics, and if you are a fisher you can go on the dock and fish! This beach also has a dog park within walking distance to accommodate those with pets.


What else does Norwalk have?

Education and Shopping Centers

Not only are there great attractions and food in Norwalk, but there are other great things just a short drive away!

Shopping Centers

  •  Trumbull Mall is one of the oldest malls in CT, but don’t let the age deceive you. This mall has a large number of stores where you will be able to find anything you need. There is also a Cheesecake Factory inside where you can take your family and friends to eat to take a break from all the walking. You get all of this with just a short 20-minute drive, for more information click here
  • Milford Mall is another great location, just like the Trumbull Mall with plenty of stores to choose from and a large food court with their iconic rolled ice cream bar. In addition to stores, there’s a Dave & Busters and a movie theater with reclinable chairs to keep people of all ages entertained! It may be a long drive of about 30 minutes, but with the movie theater, food court, arcade, and retail stores you can easily plan out a whole day making that drive worth it! For more information click here
  • The Norwalk Mall is the newest mall nearby which hosts many high-end stores, that fulfill all your luxurious needs. This mall also has many of the normal stores you see in most shopping centers but what makes this one unique is the beautiful interior and exterior design which that in itself is worth checking out! With the modern atmosphere, aesthetically pleasing parks, and SoNo being walking distance away you will never be bored coming to this place. The best part of it all is that it’s only a 5-10 minute drive away (depending on which part of Norwalk you live in).  For more information click here


  • While Norwalk is a large city, it does not have a university in it; however, that does not stop it from having access to great educational opportunities! There are great schools all around, with college preparatory high schools, top CT universities just a short drive/train ride away, and many newly remodeled and structured middle/elementary schools it makes moving to Norwalk suitable for all people of all ages.
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