Milford, CT

Milford, CT Real Estate

A beautiful seaside community!

Situated right on the Long Island Sound, Milford is a charming seaside town located in New Haven County, Connecticut. Milford has been steadily growing in population for the last fifty years, and currently hosts 50,000 residents. With New Haven twelve miles north, and Bridgeport eight miles south, it’s no wonder this little slice of coastal heaven has become such a gem of a residential area. Even New York City is only a two-hour car ride (70 miles) away. With seventeen miles of coastline, Milford offers a wide variety of nautical activities such as swimming, sailing, boating, and fishing; and if all of that sounds too tiresome, you can always leisurely stroll the beautiful shores. Just a few miles away from the water, you can find the Robert Treat Farm where you can enjoy the scenery and buy fresh produce. You can also participate in some local folklore in a fun, spooky way and participate in a 90-minute Ghost walk with “Spirits of Milford Ghost Walk.” Rich with history, and rich with fantastic outdoor activities, Milford is an east coast dream!

Ocean Side Activities

Gulf Beach

Gulf Beach is a perfect place to have a seaside picnic. Bring the family, bring the food, and bring a fishing rod and enjoy a leisurely day on this beautiful sandy beach. Fishing fans can venture out on to the pier and try their luck at catching something tasty! Children and fun lovers can spend their time combing the sandy shores for shells and making sandcastles – this quiet chunk of east coast heaven is a favorite spot for everyone who lives in the Milford area.

Silver Sands State Park 

If you’re looking to catch a glimpse at some cool ocean wildlife, Silver Sands State Park in Milford is the place for you. This lovely beach is known for being a great spot to bird watch. Walk along the board walk, comb the shores for interesting shells during low tide, or just spend an afternoon relaxing and listening to the waves. This Milford based beach offers all of the cool, dynamic nautical ambiance this area has to offer!

Scoot & Paddle 

This awesome company rents out high-quality boats, paddle boards, scooters, bikes, canoes etc. for all of your outdoor activity needs! You can rent various kinds of equipment for people of all ages, but anything with a motor requires a driver’s license. Milford Locals and vacationers alike rent from Scoot & Paddle in order to fully enjoy the awesome outdoor atmosphere in Milford!


Inland Milford Activities

How about a little turf with your surf?

Robert Treat Farm

Robert Treat Farm is a 30 Acre farm just off the coast. Buy local fruit, pie, honey, jam, and other goods right at the place where they make or grow it! This is also a great spot to buy other local goods – like plants, plant pots, windchimes and other fun trinkets. Milford is a richer, fuller town thanks to this wonderful 30-acre farm!

Saint Mary Church

Milford is home for the Saint Mary Church; a beautiful church with hand painted ceilings that was dedicated in 1955. Come look at the beautifully crafted Oak pews in the chapel. Come admire the beautiful stained-glass windows depicting various scenes from the bible. This church is a beautiful work of art, and a “must see” for anyone visiting Milford.

The Corner Restaurant

Grab a meal at “The Corner Restaurant!” This very popular local restaurant is everyone’s favorite place for delicious breakfast and friendly service! The Stuffed French Toast is by far the most ordered breakfast food item, but the pulled pork reigns as King on the lunch menu. Eat like a Milford local and try The Corner Restaurant!

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