Eric Garces

Eric Garces

Real Estate Agent
(203) 505-0421

Born and raised in Norwalk, CT, Eric Garces grew up there and never left. He comes from a background of 7 years in the martial arts industry, teaching children and adults in the art of Taekwondo and managing an entire school! He brings many skills from running a business that translates well to the real estate world; marketing, strong interpersonal communication, on-the-spot problem-solving, presenting information professionally and in an organized fashion, a strong grasp of technology, and a solid network. He bears all of these experiences and skills to provide the best service to his clients. 

Eric Garces attended the University of Connecticut and earned a bachelor’s in financial management. His skills in finance give him a unique insight into how to calculate the best deals in the market, financially protect his clients, and choose the best options when purchasing/selling a home.   

Entering the Real Estate world has been a dream for Eric Garces for a while, as he is always looking for ways to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Becoming a part of the real estate industry allows him to provide the best opportunity for others and help them reach the next level in their lives, while simultaneously building friendships with them that he otherwise would not have had if it wasn’t for real estate. Since he started his career as an agent he hasn’t looked back. 

Currently, Eric Garces still lives in Norwalk, CT, and still continues pursuing his dream of running a Taekwondo school in Stratford CT. He spends his free time prepping for half/full marathons, weight lifting, reading, competing in Taekwondo tournaments, volunteering in his community, and spending time with his loved ones.

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