It's obvious where to move - come to Connecticut!

It's obvious where to move - come to Connecticut!

The best state in all of the US

Out of all the states in the country it is obvious which one you should move to, and that’s Connecticut! Whether you want to live in a large and quiet area, live in a suburban town, or live in a busy city, Connecticut has it all and provides you with all your needs. This beautiful state is suited for anyone regardless of what stage in life you are in. For children there are plenty of parks, museums, and zoos throughout the state; for teens and young adults, there are plenty of nightlife activities in the major cities and incredible places to hang out; and adults, whether they are single or raising families will find housing that best suits their needs and with much more to offer!

Whether you came from the west coast, the south, or even lived in nearby states, there is a place in Connecticut that will make you fall in love!

Pros of Living in Connecticut

Education, Proximity, and Job Opportunities

When moving to a new area there are three major factors that come into mind: education, what are you close to, and the job market. But lucky for you, Connecticut has all of that to offer!


  • As many people may know, Connecticut is the home of one of the top colleges in the country, Yale University. Whether you are looking many years into the future for your children or are even looking for yourself, living in Connecticut gives you the opportunity to be a commuting distance away from this Ivy League school. Other top colleges such as the University of Connecticut, Quinnipiac University, Sacred Heart University, and Fairfield University can be found throughout the state and are amazing universities to be a part of.
  • Looking at education for elementary, middle, and high school? According to the US News for the year 2020, education k-12 ranked #3 throughout all of the US and combined with higher education Connecticut ranked #6 in the country. If education for either yourself or for your children is important, there is no doubt that Connecticut is the place for you!


  • One of the biggest benefits of living in Connecticut is obviously its location! As many people already know, the most important factor in picking a home is its location. Depending on what your goals and preferences are, you can choose to live closer to New York, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island – and living near each one gives you incredible benefits. In addition to being close to larger and more expensive states, you also have access to farmlands, mountains for skiing, beautiful beaches, and cities like New Haven, Hartford, and Stamford. No matter which part you decide to move too there is always something desirable for you nearby.

Job Opportunities

  • The biggest advantage of living in Connecticut is the endless job opportunities! As mentioned earlier, CT is close to two major job markets, New York and Massachusetts. The part of Connecticut that you choose to live in will help to dictate which market is more suitable for you, but regardless you have the opportunity to live somewhere where you can easily commute to either of these job markets. One of the biggest advantages of living in CT and working in New York or Massachusetts is being paid higher salaries and not have to pay for the expensive rents/housing. By commuting via train or by car ride you are able to save yourself thousands of dollars per year! If you would rather work in Connecticut and avoid the busy city, you can also work in one of the major cities. The job markets in Stamford, Hartford, and New Haven are remarkable, and can definitely find somewhere to work in those cities. You can also look around in your local town to find something even closer! That’s what makes living in CT unique; you can move here and live whatever lifestyle you would like.

More reasons to move to Connecticut

Food/Drinks, stunning sceneries, and things to do

Connecticut offers much more than just education and job opportunities – it also has other incredible things that will make moving here much more pleasurable! If you love food and drinks, various landscapes, and other indoor/outdoor activities, then this is the place to live!

Food and Drinks

  • Everyone loves to eat, and Connecticut is not short on great food! Whether you are looking for trendy/modern restaurants or just local mom-and-pop restaurants, you will always be able to find something great nearby. Plus, if you are ever tired of the food here you can always make a day trip to New York and enjoy their incredible food as well! We are also known for having one of the greatest craft breweries around, Two Roads. In Stratford CT Two Road’s headquarters allows customers to come taste test their beer, go through the facility on a guided tour, and enjoy a delicious meal at their restaurant. You will not be disappointed with the many food options throughout the state.


  • When moving you always want to think about the environment you want to live in, and there are many options to choose from here. Connecticut offers plenty of options of what type of environment you want to live in! You can live on a farm, by the beach, near a mountain, in the city, in a suburban town, or even by the forest! Whatever your dream home looks like Connecticut will have something like it.

Things to do

  • You may be wondering, “what can you do here?” Well let me tell you, there are plenty of things to do! The easy option is to do a day trip to New York, but Connecticut offers so much! You can go up to Bristol CT and enjoy a full day at the Lake Compounce amusement par, which has roller coasters, a water park, pools/a lake to go swimming in, and a campground. This amusement park is a great place to take your friends and family and have a day you will never forget. Are amusement parks not your thing? Well, how about aquariums? Mystic Connecticut is the home of the Mystic Aquarium, where you will get to experience seeing, touching, and spending time with different animals like dolphins, sharks, fishes, and more! It doesn’t matter how old you are, this is a place that everyone would enjoy. And if you know of someone who is getting married or you yourself are getting married, they also offer beautiful weddings. Throughout the year in many different towns and cities, there are carnivals and events that will always keep you and the family entertained.

As you can see Connecticut is an incredible place to be, and it has so much more to offer. It doesn’t matter what stage in life you are in – there is a place here for everyone!

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